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One thing that connects every human is a propensity for making mistakes. We’re forgetful and sometimes spaced-out, but our mistakes make us who we are. Instead of dismissing the silliness of human nature, we decided to embrace it and design something that does the boring stuff for us (like planning and worrying), so we can focus on the creative, the fun and the adventure. Wallet, meet Tracker Card.

So the idea’s pretty simple, design a product that makes wallets (and other accessories) trackable and ultimately, unlosable.

Your wallet holds your most important items: bank cards, ID, cash, gym subscription, travel pass. Losing it or misplacing it can mean the difference between an average day or the week from hell.

Easily integratable technology exists that can give our wallets the trackable power that our phones and laptops already enjoy. Why not put it in wallets and eliminate the pain (and cost) of losing a wallet? So we did!

When we set out to create technology to make wallets unlosable, designing for function was our chief concern.

We decided to make our Tracker Card in, you guessed it, the shape of a card. The idea behind this is to disguise it as just another bank card so if someone steals your wallet, they won’t realize it has a tracking device in it. This is also why our wallets, like the Parliament, have a dedicated hidden pocket for the Tracker Card, making it even more incognito. Reducing your risk of loss and theft can literally save you hundreds.

We decided to harness the power of mother nature and make the Tracker Card solar-powered.

This way, we avoid adding yet another random charger to the jumble of cords already by the nightstand. Instead, the tracker has a tiny solar panel on it. But don’t mistake size for stature: this little guy gives you 2 full months of charge after just 3 hours of catching those rays (and it doesn’t even need to be direct sunlight, overcast works just fine).

That’s all fine and dandy, but how does it make a wallet unlosable?

The tracker connects via bluetooth to an app on your phone that moniters it's location. If you can’t find your wallet and it’s within the bluetooth range your app will find it via this connection for you to locate on a map.

You can even use digital assistants like Siri, Alexa or Google Assitant, to voice-activate your wallet. Now if you're wondering where you wallet is and you're chilling on the couch, just ask, "where's my wallet?", and your wallet with sound its location!

What's more is the tracker also functions as a bluetooth selfie stick, so you can take remote group selfies from a huge distance.

But what’s the point of having a tracker if it has to be within a certain vicinity to function? Well we found a way around this problem as well.

Using a global lost-and-found network, your wallet can be located no matter where it is in the world. If someone else using the app has been in the vicinity of your wallet, you will receive a notification of its last known location. The other person won’t be able to see it, but the geo-location features of their phone will allow your tracker’s unique code to be read and its location transmitted to you.

This technology works so well that FedEx uses it to track their packages.

We tried to think of every scenario where someone might lose their wallet, and actually one of the most common is in your own house. Whether in the washing, lost in a pile of clothes, or under the couch, if your wallet is misplaced and you're rushing to leave the house, it can be an absolute nightmare (speaking from experience).

So we added a two-way ringing feature, meaning, you can ‘ring’ your phone from your wallet or vice versa. Press the ring function in your app and your tracker card will start to make noise, alerting you of its location, same goes for your phone.

You can even program your tracker to send your phone a notification if you get a certain distance away from your wallet.

This is perfect for nights out, so you can’t wander too far from the bar without getting a notification that you left your wallet behind. Or for rushed early mornings, so instead of realizing you forgot your wallet once you're already at work, you’re reminded just outside the front door.

We've heard so many hilarious stories from customers, like scaring a thief away from a wallet by activating the ringing feature (kind of like a car alarm), but more often we hear how the Tracker Card has helped people streamline their life and give them a better sense of security.

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