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Perhaps George Costanza said it best when he described his wallet as, “not just a wallet - it’s an organizer, a memory, and an old friend.” This description really shows how attached we can become to our wallets but let’s face it, how many of us are holding onto an old filing cabinet of a wallet because of nostalgia. The wallets from Costanza’s time are little more than over-stuffed leather folders that happily collect old receipts and well-expired gift cards. Luckily, a new generation of wallets has landed with way more to offer than the average leather bifold. Meet the minimalist wallets of the 21st century, built for fast access, slim carry, and extra security. Want to know if minimalist wallets are worth the hype? Read on to find out.


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What is a minimalist wallet?

Minimalist wallets are distinguished by a pared-down design that does away with bells and whistles and focuses on functionality. While we may have needed a full coin pocket on our wallets 10 years ago, the world is headed towards a cashless (and certainly coinless) future with card and digital transactions becoming the norm.

Minimalist wallets address the changing needs of the 21st-century consumer: most people only need a few cards and maybe a little cash in their day-to-day life, so why not design a wallet that caters to them? Minimalist wallets are slimmer, lighter, more organized, and made from more advanced materials than normal wallets.


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What are the benefits of a minimalist wallet?

Minimalist wallets have massive benefits over normal wallets that go way beyond just the size. The main benefit of minimalist wallets is that they are smaller and more compact than a normal bifold. This means that you can easily carry them in a front pocket, or in tighter pants, without having to deal with ugly pocket bulges.

Another huge benefit of minimalist wallets is that they come with more security. Because you can carry a minimalist wallet in your front pocket, your wallet is less likely to get stolen or pickpocketed. Street thieves are less likely to go for people who carry wallets in their front pockets because they are more likely to get caught.

Minimalist wallets also come with modern features like fast-access cards and RFID protection. Also known as pop-up cards or trigger wallets, many minimalist wallet designs make accessing the card you want easier than ever. Simply press the thumb trigger and cards will be ejected in a smooth, staggered motion.


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Where to buy a minimalist wallet for men?

When buying a minimalist wallet for men, make sure to choose a brand that uses high-quality materials and invests in their design process. Especially when it comes to shopping online it can be hard to tell if a brand’s products are as high quality as they may appear online. Make sure to consult customer feedback, look at Youtube reviews, and do your research into the materials being used.

At Ekster, we use only the highest-quality materials for our minimalist wallets. Our minimalist metal wallets are made from either space-grade aluminum or 3K carbon fiber, two of the most high-performance materials available. All our leather is environmentally-conscious and is treated using a water-saving method engineered by ECCO®.


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Minimalist Leather Wallets

Minimalist leather wallets come in a variety of different styles, from more traditional styles that incorporate a bifold design, to more modern front pocket wallet options. Our minimalist leather wallets come in a range of different leathers and colors, and we even have a vegan leather option made from recycled car windshields.

    Modular Bifold: a traditional wallet designed for right now with a magnetic cardholder, ultra-slim profile, and RFID protection.
      Parliament Wallet: this slim trigger wallet is the perfect minimalist leather wallet with fast-card access and RFID protection.
        Senate Cardholder: this is an even more minimalist version of the Parliament with a slightly lower capacity for people who like to travel light.


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          Minimalist Metal Wallets

          There are a huge variety of minimalist metal wallets but almost all share a similar design: slim, sleek, with pop-up cards. Minimalist metal wallets have a modern, industrial vibe that matches perfectly with other tech gear, like iPhones.

            Carbon Fiber Cardholder: this minimalist metal wallet is made from nearly-indestructible 3K carbon fiber known for being strong but lightweight.
              Aluminum Cardholder: this metal cardholder wallet comes in over 10 unique colorways and offers fast-card access and RFID protection in a super slim profile.


                rfid minimalist wallet men


                RFID Minimalist Wallet: What is RFID?

                Most minimalist wallets also offer RFID protection. This is because minimalist wallets are mainly designed for cards and cards are always at risk of wireless theft if they are contactless. This goes for anything with an RFID chip in it, from debit cards and travel cards to passports. Potential thieves can steal the information stored in your card without you ever knowing by using a scanner. This information can then be used to hack your bank account or even steal your identity. The only way to protect yourself from wireless theft is to eliminate the possibility by protecting your cards at all times.


                rfid minimalist wallet men


                Why a minimalist wallet is right for you

                If you’re still not convinced, maybe it’s time to consider the relationship between you and your wallet. Are you keeping it around because it really gets the job done or because you’ve never found something better? If you’re looking for more ease and organization in your day-to-day life, then a minimalist wallet is for you. A minimalist wallet helps keep your daily load light and makes paying quicker and easier than ever before. Still not sure? Then try out an Ekster wallet risk-free for 45 days!



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