The Best Pop Up Wallet for Effortless Credit Card Access

Wallet design has changed dramatically over the last several years. Where thick bifold wallets meant to accommodate huge amounts of cash and coins used to be the norm, now a new wave of slim, modern wallets has emerged named after their defining feature: the pop up wallet. This wallet design reconfigures the way you access the contents of your wallet, making it faster and easier to get the card you want. Pop up card wallets eject your cards at the click of a button, smoothly presenting the contents of your wallet for effortless accessibility. Read on to find the best pop up wallet and if this could be the solution for you.

What is a pop up wallet?

A pop up wallet is the newest design innovation for this important everyday accessory. The design of an average bifold wallet focuses on holding cash with storage for cards as a secondary function. You can tell cash takes priority over cards in the bifold design because the majority of the space is used for physical money with card slots added on to the main compartment. Pop up wallets reverse this. Instead of having the main compartment for cash, pop up wallets use the main cavity for cards with space to put folded bills on the outside.

The decision behind the pop up wallet design comes from two places. First, society, in general, is moving away from physical cash toward a more digital and card-based transactional environment. As people need to carry less cash and more cards, wallet design should reflect this change. Second, card payments were designed as a faster and more secure method than cash where you don’t have to deal with counting bills or storing change. So why not make paying and checkout as fast as possible?

The Best Pop Up Wallets by Ekster

The best pop up wallet is one made from high-quality materials and put through rigorous product testing. Since the ability to access your cards depends on how well the ejection mechanism works, this isn’t a product that you would want to buy low-end. The best pop up wallet also has a well-thought-out design - big enough to accommodate your essential daily cards yet small enough to be slim and minimalist.

Ekster offers a range of pop up wallets in many styles, colors, and materials. Choose from leather, vegan leather, aluminum, or carbon fiber for your material and explore the different capacities offered. All of Ekster’s pop up wallets use the same patented ejection mechanism, made from high-quality aluminum, that ejects your cards in a smooth and staggered fashion.

The main advantages of pop up wallets are:

1. Fast card access: grab the card you want faster and easier than with a normal bifold

2. Slim design: avoid bulky wallets that bulge in your pockets and cause back pain.

3. RFID protection: most pop up wallets are RFID-blocking so you are protected from wireless theft.

The Best Pop Up Card Wallet: Carbon Fiber Cardholder

The Carbon Fiber Cardholder is the best pop up card wallet for people who like a minimalist vibe and have a busy lifestyle. This design holds 1-15 cards, 6 inside the RFID-protected inner cavity, and up to 9 more in the expandable backplate. There is also room for some folded bills under the cash strap.

This slim pop up card wallet is made from 3K carbon fiber, a revolutionary metal weave that is stronger than steel but incredibly lightweight. This metal is used in everything from racing bikes to spaceships.

Main Features:

  • Fans out your cards like a switchblade
  • 3K Space-grade Carbon Fiber
  • Expandable aluminum backplate
  • Blocks RFID (wireless theft)
  • Holds 1-15 cards + bills (1-6 in the cardholder)

The Best Pop Up Credit Card Wallet: Parliament Wallet

The best pop up credit card wallet for people with a more vintage taste is The Parliament Wallet. This full-grain leather wallet has a more traditional design but offers all the same modern amenities expected from a pop up credit card wallet. The Parliament holds 1-12 cards, 6 inside the RFID-protected aluminum cavity, where they can easily be ejected, and up to 6 more inside the adjacent card slots. This pop up credit card wallet comes in a variety of sustainably-sourced, full-grain leather finishes and even vegan leather.

Main Features:

  • Quick card access mechanism
  • RFID blocking technology
  • Environmentally certified leather
  • Add a Tracker to make it unlosable
  • Holds 1-12 cards + bills (1-6 in the cardholder)

If you’re sick of carrying around a lumpy old bifold and are ready to make the switch to a modern pop up wallet, you’re in the right place. Pop up wallets make moving through the world that much easier, giving you ease when traveling, checking out, or going to work. Pop up wallets have a slim design that makes carrying your wallet more comfortable and better for your health. Whether you have a modern style or you go more for vintage, Ekster has a slim pop up wallet for you. Act now and get 20% off your next purchase, plus try it for 40 days risk-free!

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